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The Cutest 
Black Belt In Town

Parents & BJJ Instructors: Now your children and students have a chance to have the cutest blackbelt in town. Now they can learn in a fun way how to properly tie the belt and take good care of the uniform - ah, all without a sweat of your part!

Why your kid & you should have a BuddyBelt
It's a fun and fast way to learn

The BuddyBelt is a fun and cognitive way for your kid to learn important aspects about the Martial Arts uniform and belt. The BuddyBelt improves the kid's attention span and speed of learning.

It offers BJJ lessons outside the mat

Parents, you can be more participative in your children's martial arts learn process - without the need to step on the mat. With BuddyBelt you can create histories and lessons about respect and obedience.

It makes reinforcement fun

BJJ instructors, there's no more need to be the 'bad' guy. Reinforcements don't need to be intimidating. If your little student's belt falls, just grab BuddyBelt and you are sure to have their attention without a sweat.

Parents and Instructors, 

Getting your kids involved in martial arts when they’re young is a great way to instill in them a sense of discipline, and a habit of physical fitness that they will benefit from their entire lives. But when they’re young, kids are much more interested in having fun than following the rules of things that seem trivial. That’s why you’re trying to teach them discipline, right?

We’ve noticed that one of the problems kids have is in getting the uniform right. It’s a small thing, but getting the small things right is one of those hallmarks of discipline you’re looking to instill. The BuddyBelt is here to help.

The BuddyBelt is the first martial arts learning aid geared for children.The BuddyBelt is a stuffed monkey wearing a martial arts uniform with the belt properly tied. More than that, he’s a tool that parents and instructors can use to teach young children the right way to wear the uniform. Keeping kids’ attention is difficult, but BuddyBelt makes it a lot easier. It's an excellent teaching tool. 

Not only does it demand attention and demonstrate the proper way to wear a uniform, but it can be used to convey some of the lessons about respect, honor, and how to deal with bullies that make studying martial arts more than just exercise. The monkey is made from the same materials as the finer stuffed animals. He’s soft enough that your child can hug him and squeeze him, while being tough enough that your child could drag him around by one arm without damaging him.

We learn best by doing, so the uniform is made of the same material that’s used in official competition uniforms, and the black belt is made from the same materials that are used in official competition belts. We could have made the BuddyBelt with other, cheaper materials, but we believe in being authentic. The martial arts can teach your child a number of lessons that they’ll use their whole lives. The BuddyBelt makes teaching and reinforcing those lessons much easier. It’s the first martial arts learning aid geared for children.  

Get it today, your children will thank you. Just click on the button below to order yours:
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